New Zealand


When you live on a farm, there has to be a food purpose for everything, and yes, I raise meat rabbits. New Zealand Whites are my favorites, because they are large, good tempered, and easy to clean. :-)


This is my big daddy rabbit! His name is Peter Rabbit. (and no, I did not name him!)
He's been a GREAT sire, and one of the best bucks I've had. He's sired too many bunnies to count!
Born: May, 2010      Color: Ruby Eyed White

Leah is my primary breeding doe.
I breed her more often than the others. She had a rough start with mothering rabbits, and I was tempted to put her away, but perseverance won, and she is now a wonderful mother.

LITTER DUE!!! June 21, 2012

Last litter Born: April 14, 2012
8 Bunnies born, 6 does, 2 bucks

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